Appleton High School East Class of 1976

This page updated on  06/06/2006



Unfortunately, we have fellow classmates who have passed away and they need to be remembered.  Please send all information on deceased classmates to feedback.  Be sure to include their names, year or age of death and information on the circumstances of their death such as a fight with cancer or car accidents and the like.


Similarly, we have received other pictures and additional information on deceased students.  We are trying to find a delicate way to provide this information without appearing to promote one deceased student over another.  We do not want to minimize or emphasize one loss over another as this would be hard on the surviving family members and close friends.  Obtained obituaries will be posted.


However, we will post whatever information we receive in student bio form and link it here and in the student bios.


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The students are listed in alphabetical order.


Bruce Atkinson died in the early 1990's--no details.



Larry Bock died (2000) from a snowmobile accident.  He was married to classmate Carrie Sackett.



Sandra Brackenridge died of cancer on February 3rd, 1995.



Joseph Dombrowski died in a car accident in February, 1980 in Chicago.



Mark Guyette died in a car accident in the late '70's.



Jerome Hanamann died in ~2004 of a heart attack.  Details are not certain.




Stu LeFevre "died in a car accident on June 28,1988.  A woman ran a stop sign and hit him broad side and he was killed instantly. He had been living with a woman in Little Chute, and they were talking about getting married. She gave birth to a son 4 months after the accident." wrote Jim LeFevre, Stu's brother, Class of 1978.



Libby Meader passed away in spring (2000) after a long bout with breast cancer.



Mike Mueller died in a car accident while driving home from work in the late 1980's.


Colleen Murphy died in July 23rd of 2005 of cancer.



Donald Schmidt died on March 2nd of 1993.  No details.



Mark Swick died on February 19th, 2006 of a massive heart attack.




David VanLinn - no details.



Jeff Wirth died in a car accident on May 19, 1977.