Appleton High School East Class of 1976

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Fill in all the fields you can for the student directory.  Only the two name fields at the top will automatically be published in the web site directory.  The other fields must be specified for publication in the student directory otherwise they will appear only in the private reunion committee directory.  For authentication purposes, no information will be published without the e-mail field filled in, which does not have to be public.  If you have updates or changes to make just fill in the changes on this form and send in as often as you wish.


There are two advantages to sending private information versus nothing at all.  1) Old pals trying to locate you can contact you through us since we will forward the request to you without passing out your information.  It is up to you to respond.  2) We can find you for the reunion or other events.


Spam!  Because of the method used to post your directory information automatic spam robots can not pick off your information, so the likelihood that you will be spammed from this site is slim.


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