Appleton High School East Class of 1976

This page updated on  04/04/2011


THE 35 year REUNION IS SATURDAY, JUNE 25th, 2011

This site will be the only place for notification of the reunion and sign up.  We will not be locating, calling or mailing anyone!!!  Be sure to spread the word about the importance of this site.

35 Year Reunion Details 


 Random Images



35 Year Reunion Details  New!

Lantern Outtake Photos

Senior Class Picture Pages

Student Directory  The senior class photos are loaded into the directory!

Classmate Memory Chat Room on Yahoo Groups!

Deceased Students   Mark Swick was the latest on 2/19/06.

Student Records  Any more to add?


25 Year Reunion History 

30 Year Reunion History

35 Year Reunion History


Patronize...our Patriots / fellow classmates businesses!

Related Links of interest to our classmates.

Songs From The 70's  Some good memories!



Random Images


There are more than 1400 pictures on this web site!

Yearbook  some pictures.

Prom Homecoming Spree some shots people sent in.  The guys pants are hideous!

10 Year  Someone please send pictures to us!

20 Year  Loaded up and ready to view!

25 Year  Any more pictures out there to send us!

25 Year Video Clips  30 video clips are loaded.

30 Year  Loaded up and ready to view!