Appleton High School East Class of 1976

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From Sharon Weiss


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                             Pat Murray and Kay                            Jim and Kathy Davis

Mike Murray                                       Stephanie Murray



  Julie Stracka           Rich Cannon             Sharon Weiss



     Julie Fisher             Helen Arens              Karri Kading



Jim Ciske    Sharon             Mike Seaver           Val (LaBonte) Seaver



                       ?   Anne Siebers

Diane Mauthe     Betsy Browne    Sue Dietzen     Katie Baldwin



Lori Kiser       Brad Hansen   Emily (Gander) Hewitt and husband Dave



                                                            Debbie Birling



    Ann Scherzinger                   Dave Hammond                  Diane VandenElzen



          Chris Stachowiak                             Craig Beaudo



   Bob Rank and Kathy                     Brian Anderson and Joni

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